Mountcutting-Quality Framing & Canvas Print At Affordable Prices


We only use the market leading Arquadia, whitecore pH neutral mount and backing boards.

When conservation framing, we always use conservation grade mount liners and conservation or cotton mountboards. We have over 30 stock colours of board, with another 150 available to order.

All mounts are cut individually to your specification using our manual, production or computer design cutting machines. We can produce almost any style of mount, single, double, triple, spaced, v-grooved (among others), in standard, oval, circle or designer patterns. Multi aperture mounts, title keyholes, cigarette card mounts, shadow boxes, arch topped, rounded corners, plus more, are all readily available.

For the more intricate or complicated shaped mounts, we can scan artwork and design freeform appertures from 'coral draw' or your drawing. We are also able to cut lettering into any mount subject to a letter's minimum height of 1.5". This is very effective when used either over photographs or on the bottom of football shirts.