TRADE DEPt-Quality Framing & Canvas Print At Affordable Prices

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Trade status

We will only offer trade terms to clients who can provide evidence of their status by a valid UK VAT registration or a recognised business listing.
For the past eighteen years we have been quietly working behind the scenes, supplying  galleries, artists, photographers, museums, developers and interior designers etc with all of their framing, art printing and mountcutting needs at trade prices.
Whilst there is no shortage of poor quality frames or contract framers, very few outlets are able to cater for the higher quality and bespoke needs of the middle to upper end of the market on a trade basis. This is specifically where we are long established and excel.
Photographers now require frames and mounts to fit their ever varying range of print sizes and collages. Branding of mounts or script can also be applied.
Artists and publishers now need to present their artwork in good quality mounts and are often asked to offer a fully framed service.
These needs can no longer be fulfilled by using ‘ready made’ frames and standard mounts in stock sizes., the resulting product looks unbalanced and very 'amateur'
Trade quotations can be given (in person) from our workshops, or by telephone, for:
  • Framing services
  • Print presentation
  • Mountcutting
  • Stretcher bars in ANY size
  • Branding
  • Fine art printing
  • Canvas printing
  • Photographic printing
  • Point of sale
  • Poster and graphic artwork
(plus more!)
In this very competitive marketplace quality and good presentation is now supremely important.
A poor appearance, bad mounting or frames in the wrong size say little for the quality of the item being framed. The look and percieved quality of artwork can be improved beyond belief by the minimal investment in correct mounting. Further framing in the right moulding at a price point to suit increases saleability and allows an instant purchase. 
We can state without doubt that with over eighteen years experience  selling in our own high profile, high turnover galleries...
PRESENTATION IS PARAMOUNT! IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO INVEST A SMALL SUM IN YOUR PRODUCT, IT IS UNLIKELY THE BUYER WILL INVEST EVEN MORE IN A PURCHASE (this is why almost all of the major quality art publishers will now only supply product in their own mounts and many will now also only supply framed product). 
We appreciate that times are hard and a large stockholding is no longer an option for most.
Our full trade prices are available on minimal quantities and single items can be supplied to satisfy your retail clients needs. Our trade prices allow you to present your work at its best, usually for far less cost than you think.
We are confident enough of our quality and service to offer all new clients a first trial order of only a single item, at the full trade discount.
We operate a matrix style price list for all bespoke sizes and our 300 plus stock mouldings.
With the massive range and variation in mouldings and presentation etc, we will happily give a quotation based on  any exact specification you require.
Any marketing samples or display items are provided to you at our cost price in order to help promote your sales.