Mirrors-Quality Framing & Canvas Print At Affordable Prices

Media & Products

  • We use 17", 24", 36", 42" and 44" roll media in lengths up to 12 metres.
  • All sheet papers can be used on our printers and we are profiled for most.

Firstly, and the most important factor overall is that the price of our work is almost always comparable to that of the standard quality product from the major high street outlets. 

Additionally, when ordering from us, we print to the exact image size with no cut off heads, hands or feet etc which is often the case where only standard sizes are available.

We then return your item fully stretched with plain, crisp white sides or a wrapped effect. softly varnished, ready to hang and in a clear protective wrapper, unlike ANY high street or ebay store.

  • Unless requested otherwise, we always print onto
  • 320g pure white primed artists cotton canvas in fine weave photographic grade.

There are many cheap, synthetic or polyester mix 'canvas' materials out there... These all have a colour tint in their make up and are not 'pure white', Good quality canvas is very absorbent and requires more ink, but the strength of colour and contrast is plain to see.


The end result on any synthetic and mixed 'canvas' will often be snow or wedding work where whites are tinted with a red or green cast as bare material obviously represents the white (there is NO white ink) - white is therefore only as white as the material being printed on, where snow etc can look strange.


It also follows that all colours created by mixing with white ie greys will also use the material colour, assuming it is pure white.

Our printers use 12 colour inks, not the usual 5 or even 7. The colour range available is therefore often infinitely greater than with these basic printers and old generation machines.


We are the first to say...if you cannot see the difference or indeed it does not matter, then the low quality product is fine, but the difference is blatantly apparent, and your prized artwork or photo should deserve the best if it is to hang on your wall.


We will happily show samples for you to compare...


Also available for trade orders and professional work;

390g artists grade primed cotton canvas

350g pure white seed free photographic grade

360g coarse weave artists primed


We are able to digitise any original artwork or photograph and print onto best quality papers, either as single prints or in quantity runs. All proofing, colour balancing and test prints are carried out before final printing as required. Photographs can be enlarged - image quality permitting - to an incredible 60" x 40" and we can then frame as well.

Should you require a basic poster style print, perhaps with us creating any form of script or artwork while you watch on our monitors, this is also easily achieved.


100% cotton watercolour soft texture

100% cotton watercolour standard texture

!00% cotton pure white smooth faced

Arches sheet in various sizes to order


18OG Matt coated print paper

250g Premium semi matt photographic

250g Premium glossy photographic


240G Matt paper

Adhesive Papers and Vinyl are also available.


1/2", 1", 1.25" or 1.75" profiles

Cut to the EXACT image size, pre pinned square.

First grade pine, knot free to face.

Stainless steel staples.

Edge taped, hanger fitted and acetate wrapped.